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Therapy & Counselling

Individual Therapy

This is a 50-minute, one-on-one session available in either face-to-face or Telehealth formats.

The purpose of this session is to offer mental health assistance for adolescents and adults grappling with mental health challenges.

Session Fee:

  • $160 for Individual Consultation (Medicare & Private)

  • $180 for Third Party Payments, encompassing NDIS, Workers Compensation, MVIS for individuals

*Rebates are accessible for eligible clients in Australia through Mental Health Care Plan, Medicare, and Private Health Insurance.

Couples Therapy

This therapy is designed to assist couples navigating relationship distress and seeking to reestablish a more fulfilling and healthful connection. The approach draws upon the evidence-based Gottman Couples Methods.


Session Fee:

  • $180 per 50-minute couple consultation

  • $800 for a relationship assessment & four hours of consultations (including an introductory session, two distinct 1-on-1 sessions, and a debrief & goal-setting session)

Life Coaching 

A 50-minute, one-on-one session available in-person or via Zoom.

This structured process aims to help clients identify their values, beliefs, and priorities, thereby enhancing their self-confidence and motivation to attain their desired objectives.

Session Fee:

  • $160 per 50-minute coaching session

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