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Workplace Solutions

The services center around the application of psychological principles and evidence-based strategies aimed at enhancing business performance, cultivating a positive work environment, and promoting the well-being of employees.

Personality Assessment 

We conduct personality assessments, such as the Hogan Personality Suite, and provide interpretations of the results. These assessments serve the purposes of recruitment and selection, as well as leadership development

​Culture and Psychosocial Risks

We perform psychosocial risk assessments and culture reviews, utilising tools like the Organisational Culture Inventory (OCI), to pinpoint gaps and deficiencies within the organization. Based on the findings, we provide recommendations for strategies that can lead to improved business performance and enhanced safety measures

Training & Coaching

We specialise in designing, developing, and providing support for staff development, team performance enhancement, and leadership growth. Our approach involves coaching, training, and workshop facilitation. Coaching tools we employ include the Life Styles Inventory (LSI), GROW model, and Hogan suite

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